Honor Our Troops, El Dorado County, California

Service Scholarship


Honor Our Troops Service Scholarship (revised 09/27/2017)
Sponsored By:  El Dorado County of Realtors (EDCAR)


The El Dorado County Association of Realtors (EDCAR) supports its members with information, education, products & services, enhances their ability to protect & preserve our community’s private property rights & conducts their business with integrity & professionalism, through knowledge, experience, leadership & commitment.  The EDCAR Honor Our Troops Committee was formed in 2002 to support our military service people serving in the war zones who are from El Dorado County or have family members in El Dorado County.

Scholarship Requirements:

  1. Must currently reside and show proof of residence in El Dorado County or have a family member who resides in EDC.
  2. Must submit a completed “Honor Our Troops Scholarship” application package to Cyndi Romano of the Honor Our Troops Committee (contact info below).   The application package is to include the following:
    1. Full legal name, birth date, and contact information (address, phone number, and email)
    2. Must submit or provide proof of service (DD 214) in the military.
      1. Those having served in the region of the Middle East area will have priority.  Example: Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan, Balkans, Decisive Endeavour, Operation Joint Forge, and/or other NATO operations.  This includes service in the Marines, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, and Air Force.
      2. As of April 2016 we are opening this up to any service member who is from El Dorado County or has family members in El Dorado County, with the provision that war zone veterans will have priority.
      3. We also will open this up to children of veterans who are from El Dorado County or have family members in El Dorado County, with the same provision as above.
    3. Must provide a short written history of your service as a military veteran, branch of service, timeline, etc.  For children of service members, please write about your parent’s experience & attach a copy of their DD214.
    4. Must provide a statement of career aspirations and goals (no less than 300-500 words)
    5. Must submit two (2) letters of recommendation (ex: teachers, co-workers, service comrades, etc.  Please no family members).
    6. Must submit a copy of current student registration from your school of choice showing course load of required 8-10 units or more (see below for the next two semester’s unit requirements).
    7. Must provide college (or high school for children of service members) transcripts to prove a maintained GPA of at least 2.0 or better

Scholarship Info:
Each semester the number of scholarships will be re-evaluated based upon the available funds.  Awarded Scholarship monies will be given upon proof of registration.  Scholarship monies are to be used towards registration, books, transportation, etc.  These funds can be used for any college, university or career training school.

Please contact Cyndi Romano at Cyndi@CyndiRomano.com or (916) 207-4194 (call or text) or fax 1-877-770-2301.